What Is a General Dentist?

A general dentist is a fully credentialed doctor of medicine in dentistry. At Advanced Family Dentistry in Parsippany, NJ, we believe our services are the mainstay of our patients' oral health and function. Dr. Marco Fernandez practices general dentistry for superior outcomes--in other words, for dazzling smiles.

Your general dentist

You know that he has advanced training, but did you know that Dr. Fernandez loves his patients and his profession? So, he uses the skills he has developed to:

  • Prevent oral health problems in people of all ages
  • Treat issues such as decay, tooth loss, gum disease and more
  • Make smiles look good so patients feel just wonderful

And, it all happens right at Advanced Family Dentistry in Parsipanny, NJ.

What we offer

Come to Advanced Family Dentistry for:

  • Six-month oral exams to reveal decay (with our Spectra Caries Detector), oral cancer, poor dental bite and other immediate and long-term problems
  • Initial and diagnostic X-rays (including Cone Beam 3D imaging for special needs)
  • Hygienic cleanings to include periodontal screenings, plaque removal, tooth polishing and more
  • Tooth-colored fillings, E4D porcelain crowns in one visit, veneers, bridges, dentures and dental implants
  • Dental extractions, including wisdom teeth
  • Root canal therapy to heal infection and strengthen failing teeth
  • Invisalign aligners, the removable, unnoticeable way to correct orthodontic issues
  • Athletic mouthguards to protect against impact during sports
  • Fluoride treatments and plastic sealants to protect the enamel from the ravages of dental decay
  • Cosmetic dental treatments such as whitening, veneers, bonding and more

Dr. Fernandez will perform your exam personally and devise a treatment plan to address immediate and long-term smile goals. Also, this general dentist is always available for your family's emergency care--whether a broken tooth, throbbing pain or something else causes immediate oral distress.

From the simple to the complex

Your general dentist does it all at Advanced Family Dentistry in Parsippany, NJ. Phone us today for a cleaning and exam appointment with Dr. Marco Fernandez: (973) 263-7300.

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  • "I wouldn't think of going to anyone else although I have been living 90 miles away for the last three years. When you have the best, no reason whatsoever to change."
    Art V.
  • "The office staff are very nice and friendly. The hygienist (Karen) did a great job like always. She is very gentle and kept me relaxed during the treatment process."
    Carmelita M.
  • "Dr. Fernandez is wonderful and the staff is kind, professional and knowledgeable. They process and explain all of my procedure and insurance benefits. I highly recommend this office."
    Margaret S.
  • "Through friendly staff, current technology, convenient location."
    Gina B.